Qman Testing Wheel for Web App Future

Web applications are complete testing of a web-based system before going live and can help address issues before the system is revealed to the public.

So what if you don't apply Testing?

Software users have various expectations like running fast, working properly, and protecting their private information. But bugs in code and errors in set-up can ruin website or app user experiences.

Its effects....
  • Delayed product launches
  • Dissatisfied users
  • Reduce Brand Reputation
  • Failing to provide perceptive experience
  • New features might be broke the existing system.
  • In the end, it can be Excessive Expenses

Advantages of on-time Testing Service

  • It ensures that the app is user-friendly.
  • It helps in checking that new features don't destroy the existing system.
  • Helps in identifying new viruses, bugs, and errors in testing stages with quality reports.
  • Decrease chances of Application failure.
  • Protect the company's reputation by providing quality applications.
  • Save time and money by on-time testing because after realizing of application testing costs is too much.
Get the advantages of Web app testing Services with Qman careful planning and professional testing. Our Testing Team has its work on top of regular and pre-launch testing in fast-moving e-commerce environments. Qman ensures your users see the potential of your software product or service instead of its problems.

Testing Types We Performed

  • Functional Testing: : in Functional Testing We ensure that the product is as per the specification. Our tester check all the links, validation on the forms, we test cookies are working as expected, business flow, etc.
  • Compatibility Testing: We checks websites on different platforms like Mobile Browsing, Operating system compatibility, Browser Compatibility, etc.
  • Interface Testing: In this the server-side interface we test. We verifying that communication are done properly. We check the compatibility of the server with software, hardware, network, and the database.
  • Performance Testing: We put heavy load on the website to check the performance and behavior of the website.
  • Security Testing: Here robustness and reliability of the website we test.
  • Usability Testing: In usability testing we test site navigation and content
  • Alpha testing: We perform alpha testing to give better insight into the software's reliability at the early stages of development
  • Beta Testing: We apply this testing to ensure the user experiences and enhanced application.

Qman Process

First client Interaction

We gather all the details and requirements of the projects.

Plan/design the testing

We create a list of documents like BRD/FRD, test plans, Test scenarios, test cases, etc.

Perform Testing

We start applying to test as per client requirements.

Review meeting

Here we discuss all issues so that team and experts can take a decision based on exit criteria.

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Web app testing makes sure that the app meets business expectations and requirements regarding its quality and functions.

There are many types of web app testing such as performance testing, security testing, function testing, etc.

We are available to have in-person meetings occasionally. But if you are not close enough we can hold meetings over the phone or video conference.

Qman has an industrial experienced software testing team. Our team believes in delivering quality products on time.

To find out our hourly rates, you can contact us using the form, you can also email us at info@qman.tech or call us on +91 75730 55577