Game Testing Project

About the Client

Crazyplex LLC is a game development company based in India. They have experience developing more than 300+ IOS and Android games. Their purpose is to develop a game that provides educational activities to kids and adults, so they can learn from games while playing the game.

About Product

School lunchbox food maker is an amazing food-cooking game. That allows you to design & decorate your lunch meal like a high school cafeteria. The brilliant graphics and the beautifully simulated cooking world is going to make it more fun.


Client Requirement

Crazyplex contacted Qman Company to perform Manual Testing of their game “School Lunch Box”. The client approached Qman to test their game and confirm if it’s a user- friendly game that can be used by all users of devices.


Testing Process

Qman’s Tester’s Testing Process begins with understanding the Application and what the end user should expect from the product. Following the analysis of requirements and user stories, understanding what and how to test become clear. When Test Planning starts and documents have been shared with the team, Testers review the specification documents in detail, gather in-depth knowledge about the Scope of Testing, and then create high-level Test Scenarios and detailed level Test Cases. After that they start to Execute Testing, QA Testers performed Usability Testing, Compatibility Testing, Combination Testing, Functional Testing, Ad-hoc Testing, and Play thorough testing on different devices with Android OS in order to confirm that the App can be used by all Users of smartphones and tablets. As the test cases are executed, they create the report of the identified bugs and defects and submitted Bug Report to the concerned developer.


QA testers find out 65+ bugs . Crazyplex’s game “School Lunch Box” gained 20 to 25k+   downloads and still counting after our testing. And now The App has become more user friendly.

We also did Re-Testing & Regression Testing of this Application to ensure that the initial bug which was found and fixed is working as it should. The Application was successfully delivered and is now available at App Store and Google Play. The main result that the client wanted to succeed was achieved: both the Android and IOS apps were delivered before the deadline and both met the requirements, as defined by the customer.


Chrazyplex LLC




Manual Testing