Qman Performance Testing Service

Our performance testing makes sure that your software/application performs perfectly under the expected workload.

Oman performance testing assists you in analyzing the quality and capability of your product.

While applying performance testing to your software/application we concentrate on different factors like response time, load, and stability of the software/application.

Why Performance Testing

  • Performance testing ensures the performance of the system like speed, load capability, accuracy, and others.
  • This type of testing helps you in identifies, monitor, and resolves the issues if anything occurs.
  • Performance testing makes sure the great optimization of the software and also allows a large number of users to use it at the same time without any disturbance.
  • It ensures the satisfaction of clients as well as end users.

Types of Performance Testing

Load Testing

Qman team checks the ability of your product to perform under anticipated user load.

Stress Testing

We apply stress testing to check the behavior of an application by applying a load greater than the desired load.

Scalability Testing

Qman increases or decreases the load in particular scales to check the performance of your application.

Stability Testing

We apply the load for a particular duration of time to check the performance.

Performance testing process:

  • Plan and Design Performance Test
    Team gathers information on the performance aspects of the software application.
  • Configure the Test Environment
    Qman team arranges all the necessary testing tools and resources to prepare the testing environment before execution.
  • Implement the Test Design
    We design all the tests according to performance criteria and metrics.
  • Run the Test
    we execute and run the performance test and also we capture and monitor all the data that is generated.
  • Analyze
    After every performance test we analyze an increase or decrease in performance.

Why Qman for performance testing service?

Team Skills

Qman team can do app performance testing for you adequately through their excellent skills.

Our Service

We ensure that app is free from any load- testing problems through our performance and load-testing service.

Advanced Tools

We use advanced tools for performing testing and making your software application with ease.


We perform testing in an agile manner to help you with your app performance testing efficiently and effectively.

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