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Games have become an essential part of the new generation's life and are fueling a new generation of internet users. Nowadays games are not just free time activity they are becoming an industry, and the E-sport community is growing tremendously. The growing E-sport community has a significant impact on the future of gaming in abroad and India alike.

New generation gaming application has many challenges because the user wants a game with realistic graphics, amazing lighting effects, Sound effect, team-up online playing, and many more requirements.

In order to fulfill all the user's requirements,To test a Game Application is necessary.

Why Game App Testing Services

  • Checking and eliminating the defects.
  • Improves the quality.
  • To prevent app from any interruption or breakdown.
  • Ensuring that graphical elements give an amazing experience.
  • Enhance the overall gaming experience.

Qman Game App Testing Process

  • Requirement Gathering: Qman team collects and understands all details like characters involved in the game, the concept behind the game, architecture, rules that would be applicable, stages, etc. for better testing results.
  • Design the Testing Process: We make documents like the required timeline, the number of testing cycles, testing types going to use, etc.
  • Graphics Performance: We figure out how your game's graphics perform in all kinds of conditions.
  • Performing Game Test Cases: Qman Test your game in different settings to identify more bugs in the product.
  • Record the Results: Qman testing team Records everything in the form of videos and screenshots for getting a better point of view of how the application is being used.
  • Reporting test Results: We make a report drawn up with all the errors found. So that it will help you in delivering as much as possible error-free game applications.
  • Regression Testing: We perform regression testing whenever anything changes in your app.

Qman Testing

  • Multi-platform Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • UI/UX Testing
  • Functionality Testing
  • Game Play Testing

What Makes Qman Game App Testing Apart

  • We provide detailed quality-checked bug reports.
  • Complete performance and functional testing services.
  • Our team gives you play-through testing.
  • We have transparency in all the dealings.

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We are always ready to work with everyone from big companies to small start-ups to non-profits.

With outsourcing your test you can apply the right type of testing at the time you need it without holding up development. Recruiting experienced testers can be hard. Outsourcing your testing takes that headache away and saves money and time.

Other than Game Testing we are providing the various Testing services like. Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Load Testing, Functional Testing, Manual Testing, Mobile App Testing, Web app Testing, ERP Testing.

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