• What services do you offer?
    Mobile App Testing, Web app Testing, Game App Testing, Automation Testing, ERP Testing.
  • What makes your team different?
    Qman has an industrial experienced software testing team. Our team believes in delivering quality products on time.
  • When can you start working?
    From the day we take your project into our hands.
  • What is the format for meetings?
    We are available to have in-person meetings occasionally. But if you are not close enough we can hold meetings over the phone or video conference.
  • Why do I need to consider outsourcing testing providers?
    With outsourcing your test you can apply the right type of testing at the time you need it without holding up development. Recruiting experienced testers can be hard. Outsourcing your testing takes that headache away and saves money and time.
  • How many testers typically work on a project?
    It depends on the project and client requirements. Qman is ready to work as clients pleased.
  • How experienced are your testers?
    Our testers have years of experience in the industry they worked on many projects websites and mobile apps.
  • What types of clients have you worked for?
    We are always ready to work with everyone from big companies to small start-ups to non-profits.
  • How much do your software testing services cost?
    To find out our hourly rates, you can contact us using the form, you can also email us at ______ or call us.
  • What level of support do you offer?
    Qman industrial experts and support team are on a desk to provide you with all support you need. We feel honored when customers give us feedback on our service. We believe into work as partners with our customers rather than being suppliers.

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