World of Automation

Testing applications is one of the important perspectives of quality assurance. Since manual testing is also susceptible to errors, the defect shoot-up rate is significantly higher, leading to poor-quality software.

Automation testing is a popular testing tool these days. Automation Testing is a great solution to reducing time to market when you release new features and functionality.

Why Qman Automation Testing

Qman Automation testing increases speed, efficiency, and quality and decreases cost, and also makes it possible to detect bugs during the early stages of the software testing life cycle. Our automation testing services various functions including test scenarios, testing planning & suggestion, test script building, etc., With the experience of advising clients on Automation Testing Qman is one of the leading Automation Testing companies that Creates the value you always wanted through Automation Testing.

Qman Automation Testing Services

  • Help reduce testing time with lower ongoing costs.
  • Increased workflow with ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Complete repetitive tasks faster.
  • Reducing your time, effort, and cost.
  • Deliver Quality products.

Automation Testing Tools

Qman provides an end-to-end automation testing process. We have dedicated teams with core expertise on all industry-leading tools.

  • Selenium with Test NG framework
  • Selenium with Cucumber.
  • CI/CD with Jenkins.
  • Support GitHub.
  • Postman Tool.

Testing Tools We Use

What makes Qman apart

Save Time & Money

We test Based on where it will save you time and money. We speed up from the first day. You will get screenshots and videos of the performance of each step. So you’ll never pay for more than you use.

No Duress to Proceed

We don’t believe in forcing clients to keep our automated testing services any longer than they want to.

Better Testing Services

Qman reduce the instances of human errors, by testing via industry experts and delivering reliable results every time. We aim to deliver a higher quality application with higher productivity for your project.

Rich-Test Quality

Qman fresh set of eyes will catch errors that developers won’t see. Our purpose is that Automation testing gives you peace of mind that nothing has been overlooked or hidden.

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Manual testing takes a too long time. This leads to costly delays and system problems. so the only way to save time and money is automation testing.

Other than Automation Testing we are providing the services like. Performance Testing, Load Testing, Functional Testing, Manual Testing, Mobile App Testing, Web app Testing, Game App Testing, ERP Testing.

It depends on the project and client requirements. STAD Technology is ready to work as clients pleased.

From the day we take your project into our hands.

To find out our hourly rates, you can contact us using the form, you can also email us at or call us on +91 75730 55577